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Curriculum Resources

All curriculum requests must be submitted using the Curricular Request Application. Click here for help using the system.    

*Please check this page throughout the semester as these dates may change.*

Meeting dates for the University Curriculum Committee - 2016-2017 Academic Year are below. Requests, with all appropriate approvals, are due to the Curriculum Request Application no later than the dates listed in parentheses below.

Fall 2016
  • Wednesday, September 28 (deadline September 21)
  • Wednesday, October 26 (deadline October 19)
  • Wednesday, November 30 (deadline November 21)

Spring 2017
  • Wednesday, January 25 (deadline January 18)
  • Wednesday, February 22 (deadline February 15)
  • Wednesday, March 29 (deadline March 22)
  • Wednesday, April 26 (deadline April 19)
Summer 2017
  • Tuesday, June 20 (deadline June 9)

Non-Liberal Studies Curriculum Requests

For new and changing course requests, you will need to gather the following information before you submit your request.

  • Support/directions for NEW course requests can be found here.  (A new course request is a course that does not currently exist in the catalog and will need a course number from the Statewide Course Numbering System.)
  • Support/directions for a CHANGE course requests can be found here. (Changes include - title, objectives, grade type, hours, repeat information, pre/co-requisites, course descriptions, new or changing delivery methods [i.e. the old Form 2].  To inactivate/delete a course, please also use this method. Directions are below.)
  • Support/directions for INACTIVATING (deleting) a course can be found here
  • Questions regarding Non-Liberal Studies curriculum requests can be directed to Andrea White (awhite2@fsu.edu or 644-7497).
  • Questions regarding Liberal Studies curriculum requests can be directed to Dr. Annette Schwabe (aschwabe@fsu.edu) or Dr. Joshua Mills (jwmills@admin.fsu.edu). 
Resources/Policies for Inclusion in Syllabi
  1. How to Write Objectives
  2. Required and Suggested Language for Syllabi
    • University Attendance Policy
    • Academic Honor Policy (AHP)
    • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • Syllabus Change Policy
  3. Policies
  4. Degree Program Inventory