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Student Academic Relations Committee

The Committee on Student Academic Relations shall hear appeals from students who think that decisions about their academic work have been made improperly or unprofessionally in colleges. The Committee shall consist of five persons appointed annually by the Steering Committee, with the advice and consent of the Senate, for staggered two-year terms; an undergraduate student member and a graduate student member shall be appointed annually by the President of the University.

The Committee shall elect its chairperson annually from the faculty representatives. The Committee shall report its findings and recommendations to the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. It shall also report each term to the Faculty Senate.


Karen Bearor, Fine Arts
Nancy Rogers, Music


Carol Edwards, Social Work
Audrey Heffron-Casserleigh, Social Sciences and Public Policy
Patricia Warren-Hightower, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Chair

Year-End Report: 2012-13

Year-End Report: 2013-14

Year-End Report: 2014-15

Year-End Report: 2015-16

Year-End Report: 2016-17

Year-End Report: 2017-18

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