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Grievance Committee

Election shall be by the General Faculty for three-year staggered terms;

Bylaws on the Grievance Committee: The Grievance Committee shall have jurisdiction, through its hearing panels, to hear grievances, as defined by University rules, brought to its attention by any faculty member in relation to the University practice in professional relations, professional ethics, academic freedom, conditions of employment (including the termination or suspension of tenured and non-tenured faculty), and general faculty welfare.

The Committee is empowered to create hearing panels for the consideration of individual cases. The Grievance Committee will report each term to the Faculty Senate. Action by a Grievance Committee hearing panel in no way precludes a faculty member from seeking redress through other official means; however, no other University committee shall serve as an appeals committee for cases initially heard by the Grievance Committee.

The Chairperson of the Elections Committee shall, through the Faculty Senate Coordinator, notify each college scheduled to nominate candidates for this Committee. The faculty of that unit shall, through procedures it shall determine, nominate from its ranks at least twice the number of faculty members to be elected. Additional nominations shall be taken from the floor of the Senate. Election shall be by the General Faculty for three-year staggered terms to begin August 1. Each college shall have one representative; the Colleges of Education, Business, and Social Sciences shall have an additional representative; and the College of Arts and Sciences shall have four additional representatives.

The Steering Committee shall appoint the chairperson.



Tarik Dogru, Hospitality
Jack Fiorito, Business
Shelly Griffin, Entrepreneurship
Frank Gunderson, Music 
Ron Honn, Motion Picture
Felecia Jordan Jackson, Communication and Information
Jayur Mehta, Arts and Sciences
Charles (Chuck) Nyce, Business, Chair
Mark Spottswood, Law
Nathan Stoltzfus, Arts and Sciences


Adrian Barbu, Arts and Sciences
Meredith Lynn, Fine Arts 
Joseph Schwartz, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Sachin Shanbhag, Arts and Sciences


Amy Ai, Social Work
Jessica Bahorski, Nursing
Ralph Brower, Social Sciences and Public Policy
Eric Coleman, Social Sciences and Public Policy
Andrew Durdin, Arts and Sciences
Heather Flynn, Medicine
Laura Marks, Education
Gloria Salazar, Health and Human Sciences 
John Sobanjo, Engineering

Year-End Report: 2017-18

Year-End Report: 2018-19

Year-End Report: 2019-20

Year-End Report: 2020-21

Year-End Report: 2022-23

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