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Teaching Evaluation Committee

The Teaching Evaluation Committee shall consider University-wide policies and procedures relating to the evaluation of teaching, which includes but is not limited to the use of student surveys. The Committee shall consist of nine faculty members appointed by the Steering Committee, with the advice and consent of the Senate, for staggered three-year terms. The Vice President for Faculty Development and Advancement, a representative from the Office of Distance Learning and the Assistant Director, Assessment and Testing shall serve as ex officio members.

The chairperson shall be appointed by the Steering Committee from the faculty representatives. The Committee will make its recommendations to the Steering Committee, which will transmit the recommendations to the Senate for action.


Elizabeth Jakubowski, Education
Rhea Lathan, Arts and Sciences
Candace Ward, Arts and Sciences


Jon Ahlquist, Arts and Sciences, Chair
Lynne Hinnant, Communication and Information
Tom Keller, Arts and Sciences


Christine Andreas-Larsen, Education
TBC, Music
Ashok Srinvasan, Arts and Sciences

Ex officio:

Vice President for Faculty Development and Advancement
Coordinator of Instructional Development
Coordinator of Assessment Services

Year-End Report: 2012-13

Year-End Report: 2013-14

Year-End Report: 2016-17

Year-End Report: 2017-18

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