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Technology Committee

The Technology Committee shall consider how University-wide technology related infrastructure may impact on academic issues. Members of this committee shall be appointed by the Steering Committee, with the advice and consent of the Senate, for staggered three-year terms. Each college shall have one representative; the College of Arts and Sciences shall have two representatives. University Libraries shall also have a representative. The Associate Vice President for Technology and Chief Information Officer shall serve as an ex-officio member.

The Committee shall annually elect its chairperson from the faculty representatives. The Committee will make its recommendations to the Steering Committee, which will transmit the recommendations to the Senate for action.

Robert Coleman, Fine Arts
Sabrina Dickey, Nursing
Brian Gaber, Motion Picture Arts
Dianne Gregory, Music
Don Latham, Communication and Information
Carl Schmertmann, Social Sciences and Public Policy

Michelle Arbeitman, Medicine
Victor DeBrunner, Engineering
Ron Doel, Arts and Sciences
Jean Phillips, University Libraries
Brian Stults, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Gary Tyson, Arts and Sciences, Chair
Iris Junglas, Business
Vanessa Dennen, Education
Eundeok Kim, Human Sciences
TBD, Social Work
TBD, Law

Ex officio:
Associate Vice President for Technology and Chief Information Officer

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