Torch Awards Committee

The Torch Awards Committee shall consider and recommend recipients for the Torch Awards: VIRES, symbolizing moral, physical, and intellectual strength; ARTES, symbolizing appreciation of beauty; MORES, symbolizing respect for customs, character, and tradition. These awards are presented annually by the Faculty Senate on behalf of the Faculty to recognize those persons who have made significant and sustained contributions to the University’s ability to fulfill its academic mission.

The committee shall consist of no fewer than 7 and not more than 10 members, including ex officio members. Members of the committee shall be appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate and shall include a mix of active and retired faculty. At least one member of the committee shall be a member of the Faculty Senate Steering Committee; the President of the FSU Foundation, or his/her representative, shall be an ex officio voting member. In order to protect the historical memory essential to the committee’s function, with the exception of the member from the Faculty Senate Steering Committee, terms of service for committee members shall be 3 years. The committee membership may recommend candidates to fill any vacancies that occur; vacancies shall be filled by the Faculty Senate President.

The chair of the committee shall be appointed by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee from recommendations provided by the Torch Awards Committee membership. If possible, any new chair shall be appointed the Spring preceding the Award selection process.

The committee will accept nominations for the awards and shall recommend recipients for the awards to the Steering Committee, which shall have final confirmation. The letter of nomination should document the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions to the University’s ability to fulfill its academic mission. There may be multiple recipients for any or all 3 of the awards in any given year; it is also possible that not all 3 categories of award will be given each year. A Torch Award shall not be awarded to current employees of the university.

The Committee may adopt additional procedures and standards as appropriate for fulfilling its charge.

Membership (2023 Memberships will be confirmed at the October Senate)

Valliere Richard Auzenne, Motion Picture Arts
Jayne Standley, Music, Co-Chair
Marilyn Young, Professor Emerita, Communications and Information, Co-Chair

Kirby Keper, Arts and Sciences
Leigh Edwards, Arts and Sciences
Maxine Montgomery, Arts and Sciences

Marie Cowart, Social Sciences and Public Policy
Maxine Montgomery, Arts and Sciecnes
Anne Rowe, Arts and Sciences

Nancy Smilowitz, FSU Foundation
Todd Adams, Faculty Senate Steering Committee 

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Year-End Report: 2019-20

Year-End Report: 2020-21

Year-End Report: 2021-22

Year-End Report: 2022-23